Large Scale Sewing Projects

Well so much for using the blog to keep me motivated! The last couple of weeks have been very hectic with work for my PhD unfortunately. Although I have managed to complete a couple of large scale sewing projects.

I have, however, had an excellent opportunity to collaborate with a good friend of mine on her exciting new project. I have recently sewn some envelope cushions for Miss Joy Books over at The Joy Book Club for her latest book subscription box.

Envelope cushions are a very nice quick sewing project which can really change the feel of a room, and instantly brighten a space. I have a standard pattern I use for sewing standard 18″ (45 cm) cushions.

Begin by cutting a rectangle 40″ by 18″. Mark 11″, 18″ and 11″ down the long length – these will be your fold lines.
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Hem the two short ends on the rectangle, I usually just turn up a 1 cm hem. Fold these ends into the middle down the fold lines. Make sure the hemmed edges are facing up (so the right sides of the cushion are together). Pin the fabric in place and sew the two side seams together, again using a 1 cm seam. Turn the cushion inside out and press.

Voila! Instant cushion.

(I am aware I am using a jumble of inches and cm in this explanation. I blame my mum for teaching me to sew cushion covers and only working in inches)

Here is the cushion cover with the finished design from the Joy book club box. A lovely themed gift to go with the book of the month.



Generally the Book boxes contain and surprise book (something you might not have heard of, a good read but a bit different) and a series of gifts. The first few boxes have had scented candles, perfume, delicious Italian macrons, nut triangles, book themed playlists, and interesting facts amongst the contents. A couple more pictures from the lovely début box in January below. If you love a good book and nice treats in the post each month I highly recommend checking out The Joy Book Club and sharing the #BookJoy


I have also managed to do a fair amount of sewing as part of my PhD (much to my supervisors surprise). I have been getting to grips with sewing heavy duty waterproof gortex into tents. Its slippery and requires careful tension adjustments, not to mention being very heavy to hold while sewing. Thankfully I don’t have to sleep under my own home made tents. Instead they are protective covers for statues instead.


I learned the hard way that ordering 25m of fabric comes with many problems in terms of cutting out pattern pieces… I had to remove most of the furniture in my living room in order to lay out this out in stages to cut out the pieces!


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