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Sewing Table Revamp

As a child I was always fascinated with my grandmothers sewing table, nestled between the armchairs in the parlour. Such an unassuming piece of furniture, with its almost secret compartments filled with brightly coloured buttons and thread. Over the last few years as I have grown to love sewing I have been filled with a desire to have my own sewing table.


I finally managed to pick one up at Chiswick carboot (a mecca for lovely, good quality, vintage items) once I had spotted it there was no question of leaving it behind. The varnish on the outside was very badly aged, flaking off when touched.


The silk on the inside is beautiful and in reasonable condition except for a couple of water marks on the lid. Unfortunately the glue used on the silk has completely degraded and the paper giving it the corrugated effect has deteriorated with it. I will try taking it out and seeing what I can do about re-using it. If not I have some nice cottons I can use.


I started off by sanding off all the old varnish. I removed the padded inner from the lid, the loose base, trim and tried to carefully remove the old silk lining. However, in some areas I had to soak the glue to get silk out to clean it.

IMAG0177 IMAG0178 IMAG0179

I then spread some newspaper outside and sprayed all of the wood with a surface primer.


Once dried I covered this with two layers of quick drying white gloss paint to match my desk.


I replaced the missing draw handle with an art deco style handle from a set of reclaimed handles from eBay, and some matching corner guards. Again this is to match a similar project I am doing on my desk.


I choose a retro printed cotton lawn from my stash to line the inside. I also added a lining to the drawer to match this time.

P1100212 P1100205

I used the old silk buttons to add the details of the padding back in. I think they match the new cotton very well.

P1100222 P1100227

The plan was to use this for most of my sewing supplies. Thread in the drawer and other things in the top. Thanks to a fabulous (and a bargin) find of vintage cotton and silk threads from a junk shop in Greenwich, my thread stash now fills the whole thing. Still I think it looks good with my great grand mother sewing box and my other storage containers.